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Maarten Rots . Visual Artist

“I photograph walls. It’s really boring, right? The wall  may be static but there’s a lot of life to it“. – The composition of his images could easily be mistaken for painted oils on canvas because the end result is so textured and dimensional. But how do you create a collage so striking with static objects? How do you turn masses of harshly read more


Amateur Beginnings

This site is intended to be a blog first and foremost, a place to consolidate my  thoughts and inspirations until it becomes more. I have thought a lot over the past year about photography without even realising. Images move me more deeply than the run of the mill day-to-day happenings. More than film. Even more than my beloved read more


Peter McKinnon Sells Cameras

So I’m listening to Instagram live and Jeffrey Saddoris just comes out and says it: Peter McKinnon sells cameras. He’s well known as a photographer but I haven’t yet seen any of his photography. Neither have I now I think about it. I’ve not seen a gallery exhibition advertised past or present, zine print, online store  read more 

000 . 52 Photo Assignments

When you’re bored, your brain starts to be creative. There’s a reset button and it’s the perfect time to think in depth about what you really want to do and what you will photograph next. There are thousands of challenges out there and especially on blogging platforms like this one. From 30 days to 52 weeks there’s something for all levels and  read more